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Festival Antique Building

Bygone days are brought back in antiques and collectibles at the Kutztown Folk Festival’s Antique Building. Antiques and collectibles provide visitors to the Festival with another glimpse into the past - complementing the colorful Pennsylvania German history, traditions, and culture which are at the heart of the Festival.

Imagine coming across an old pocket time piece, a bonnet, a medicinal bottle, a farm tool that dates back to 19th century rural Pennsylvania, local advertising signs, or an 18th century blanket chest.  These and many more rare and distinctive items from bygone days are often found among the articles offered for sale in the Festival’s popular Antiques Building.

Because a large portion of the antiques and collectibles available for sale at the Festival come from Southeastern Pennsylvania, there is always a good chance that they have their origin many years ago in the households of Pennsylvania German families. In addition to these articles, visitors can also expect to discover antique items representing other areas of interest. 

Exploring the variety of objects in the antiques building is part of the fun at the Festival since there is always something different and appealing to uncover. At any one time dealers may offer tools, lanterns, buckets, toys, books, glass, sterling, furniture, framed goods, among many other items.

Also, the dozen antiques and collectibles dealers at the Festival provide expert descriptive, historical, and background information about their articles to help visitors make informed decisions prior to making purchases. Almost always, there are interesting stories related to these distinctive items.

Most of the antiques and collectibles can be transported easily by visitors who come to the Festival in their cars or in buses. Dealers are happy to hold purchases for visitors for pick-up until they depart from the fairgrounds.