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10 Years Sunshine Artist 200 Best 2010 - 2020

IOLA, WIS. – Sunshine Artist magazine,, has announced the release of its annual 200 Best. This year’s issue celebrates the best shows of the past 10 years: 2010 to 2020.

Launched in 1993, the Sunshine Artist200 Best is split into two categories: Fine Art and Design for events that focus on unique fine-art pieces, and Classic and Contemporary Craft for events that focus on traditional or modern craft and production work.

The No. 1 Fine Art and Design Show of the past decade is St. James Court Art Show in Louisville, Kentucky. The No. 1 Classic and Contemporary Craft Show is Christmas in the Country in Hamburg, New York. Information about the shows that made this year’s 200 Best list is available in SunshineArtist’s September 2021 issue, as well as on the web at

Artists and craftspeople are typically asked to cast their votes each spring for the 200 Best shows list. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the industry, Sunshine Artist decided to tabulate the best shows of the last decade.

Sunshine Artist’sannual 200 Best focuses solely on artist show revenue, because that is the most objective indicator of a show’s future success. Subjective attributes, such as artist treatment, amenities, attendance levels, management, and overall quality, can impact sales but are harder to gauge and therefore have no direct bearing on the rankings.

Single copies of Sunshine Artist’s September 2021 issue, containing this year’s complete 200 Best list, are $15 and may be ordered by calling toll-free 800-597-2573, ext. 3.

A one-year subscription to Sunshine Artistis $34.95 for 12 issues. A combo subscription includes online access to all listings, plus this year’s 200 Best winners through our website, as well as a year’s worth of the magazine, including next year’s 200 Best issue (September 2022). To subscribe, visit www.sunshineartist.comor call toll-free 855-347-3327.