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Fresh Meats and Treats Await You At Dietrich’s Festival Farmers Market

An old-fashioned farmers market is part of the landscape in Pennsylvania Dutch country. And, the best of these markets are those that have been family-owned and operated for generations. They know everything about good food!

So, meet Verna Dietrich and her children and grandchildren. Three generations of the Dietrich family help out at the Kutztown Festival, providing the very finest meats, baked goods, and other delectable foods. In fact, Festival visitors year after year make a point of stopping by Dietrich’s Festival Farmers Market.

The original Dietrich’s Meats & Country Store, located just minutes from Kutztown in Krumsville, PA, has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, and on radio and television. It’s as much a treat to stop by and visit with Verna at the Festival or in Krumsville as it is to sample the goodies she coaxes you to “try before you buy”.

Verna and her family follow the tried and true Pennsylvania Dutch traditions. All of the meats in Dietrich’s Market are fresh grown on their own farms by Verna’s husband and sons. Their prized smoked meats are never chemically treated. They are prepared just as Verna or you would want them to be for your family’s enjoyment.

The key to finding the best meats and foods is to shop where the local patrons shop. Dietrich’s Market is highly regarded by local patrons as well as by the restaurants which serve their quality custom meats, poultry, and ethnic specialties.

Chances are that you will stop by Dietrich’s Market to buy the cuts of the finest beef and pork to be found anywhere. But, you will also find delicacies that are both unusual and delicious. For instance, pickled goose gizzards, pig snouts, liver pudding, Braunschweiger, tripe, and an assortment of unpronounceable Pennsylvania Dutch treats are available. Verna’s family does all the butchering, under USDA inspection, and produces all of the fine foods you’ll find at our Festival’s Farmers Market.

Baked goods prepared according to generations-old Pennsylvania Dutch recipes are another reason for stopping at Dietrich’s Market. Debbie Dietrich is well known for her famous shoofly pie (both traditional and chocolate) and for strawberry rhubarb pie, lemon sponge pie, funny cake, and funeral pie. All of these mouth-watering treats are baked daily and are absolutely irresistible.

Nowhere else will you find such a variety of good foods including treats such as hickory nuts, snitz, pickles, chow chow, corn relish, grape butter, jams, dried meadow tea, and even dried string beans. Year after year, visitors tell us that they always discover something new and delicious. That’s part of the fun in browsing and shopping there.

Verna and her family will be glad to see you at Dietrich’s Festival Family Market, so stop by and say hello!