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Ken Saul, Stonemason Extraordinaire

Chinese Moon Gate by stonemason Ken Saul

To celebrate his 10th year of participation at the Kutztown Folk Festival, Kutztown, PA stonemason Ken Saul has a project that is sure to “wow” festival visitors. Ken has built a very impressive resume doing stone restoration work throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Despite his hectic schedule he has always found time to participate at his town’s Festival, creating various stone structures throughout the 9 day event. Over the years Ken and his family have created various shaped and curved walls, piers, and the Festival replica lime kiln. With the exception of the portable 2 ton lime kiln, all projects are built during the festival and then dissembled at the event’s end.

Festival attendees are amazed at the patience and skill that goes into creating these architectural works of art, literally created with raw stone from the ground up. And this year will be no exception as Ken will be building a Chinese Moon Gate. Chinese moon gate designs made their way to the western hemisphere via the 19th century trading routes. Ken’s moon gate will stand approximately 7’ tall and have an opening of about 5’. Built with no mortar, and literally forming from the ground up, it will surely capture the imagination of all who witness it.